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    open app on selcted date

    Joanna Seldon



      I have an app, that has OrderWeek.


      I want the app when always open on the latest order week date e.g ...this week it would be 09/11/2015, next Monday would be OrderWeek 16/011/2015


      but I still on the filter pane, still be able to choose other OrderWeek Dates


      is this possible


      please help

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          Gabor Tarnoczai

          Hi Joanna,


          I don't understand completely your question. Could you share it more detailed?


          Is the problem related to only texts or data?

          Are you need to show only the data on the latest order week?

          Would you like to provide filter pane with every week orders, but your client have to be able to switch weeks?





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            Andrew Mein

            I have only ever been able to save an applied filter unintentionally - so I know its possible, just don't know how!


            Other than that hurdle, you could create a Dimension along the lines of:


            IF(OrderWeek = WEEKSTART(TODAY()),'Current',OrderWeek)


            then set your filter to 'Current'

            when you next open it, it should recalculate the "current" week and filter accordingly.