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    External access with forms authentication issue


      Good evening,

          we are facing an authentication issue on our Sense Server.


      This is virtual proxy configuration:


      Moreover, under "websocket origin white list", I've put:

      • localhost
      • external server's ip address
      • internal server's ip address
      • external server's registered domain


      Now, calling server from an internal network PC it replies showing the authentication form (<ss.ourcompany.com>:4248/form/?targetId=<a target id>). But when called from external network it redirects from <ss.ourcompany.com>/hub to <ss.ourcompany.com>:4248/form/?targetId=<a different target id> and then, after few second, the connections goes in timeout, without showing authentication form.


      Ports on firewall are opened (better, no restriction on ports at all) and, with anonymous access, all works perfectly (app hub shows).


      Any suggestion on what other configuration needs to be set up ?


      Thanks in advance.