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    fabio Mazzarelli

      Hi Community,


      I would like to create a drop-down box where the user select an option


      And  radio buttons (2 of 10) or check box (2 of 10) will be enabled by default


      I select "Terra" and  departments (MK and EO) will be enabled and data will be represented by a bar graph.

      Any ideas?



        • Re: DROP-DOWN
          Sangram Reddy

          Hi Fabio Mazzarelli,


          If you can enhance the extension, so that once you select a value from the drop down list, the selection is passed back to the calculation engine and generate a new hypercube.


          Make use of something like this to make a selection from the extension.


          if ( this.selectionsEnabled ) {

            $element.find( '.selectable' ).on( 'qv-activate', function () {

            if ( this.hasAttribute( "data-value" ) ) {

            var value = parseInt( this.getAttribute( "data-value" ), 10 ), dim = 0;

            self.selectValues( dim, [value], true );

            $( this ).toggleClass( "selected" );


            } );



          - Sangram