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    Dependencies causing problems in publisher

    Paul Baenen

      I have a Job that has 2 tasks: a ReloadTask and an ExternalProgramTask.

      Everything works fine, except when I try to add a dependency (ExternalProgramTask should be dependent on the reload's success).

      When I add a dependency, even when the reload is successful, I get the following error:


      1748328 2009-06-01 14:06:23 Normal Information Waiting for task to be started: NotExecuted

      1748330 2009-06-01 14:06:23 Normal Information Starting task "Production Distribution Task" (caa0d143-9c90-4944-a8e1-a327a029bada)

      1748331 2009-06-01 14:06:23 Normal Information Skipping execute of commandline because it's empty.

      1748332 2009-06-01 14:06:23 Normal Error The task "Production Distribution Task" failed. Cause=Exception. Exception=System.Exception: Commandline is empty. at XSMain.ExternalProgramTask.InternalExecute() at XSMain.AbstractTask.InternalExecute2()


      Any thoughts?