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    Set Analysis and problem dates

    Eugeni Baque

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      I have a tablet loaded Excel in which there is a date. The charge as it is to QLIK without Date or Date #. In the same table is the Amount field.

      I have a vHoy variable, defined as Round (Today ()) in QLIK.

      I want to add the amounts vHoy dated before.

      SET ANALYSIS use because I need more data later restrict, why not use SUM IF.

      My expression is sum ({<Date. = {"<$ (VHoy)"}>} amount) can not be simpler.

      It always gives me 0.

      I worked so far changed Excel. In Excel if I sack Date format Date and let in General, the cell contains a number, which is not a text.

      Dons anyone know I'm wrong?

      Thank you.