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    Qlik Sense bootstrap mashup slow hypercube loading

    Peter Cappelle



      We are working on a Qlik Sense mashup so we are able to publish our own graphs and KPI's.

      After we build a hypercube we are facing very slow loading load times when we refresh the mashup page. The actions we put into the callback function of the hypercube (building up my graph, do a console.log()) is taking more than 20 seconds before they are triggered and visualized.


      We are with 2 developers here, that are facing the same problem. We already started a new test project. But we are always facing that same lack.


      When we do the refresh, after about 5 seconds, Qlik Sense is using around 100% CPU power and stays there for about 15 seconds till finally the data is visualized.


      We have relative new I7 computers with 16Gb of memory so i don't really think that is the problem.


      Are there other people who are also facing these problems when they use hypercube?


      Thanks for the help