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    Apply Formula to an Object in a Report

    Phil Colbert



      very new to NPrinting!


      I need to apply a condition to an object used in a report. The object in the QV app is date driven by two date selectors: Date_start and Date_End, which allows the user to determine which block of dates they wish to view the data by in the QV app.


      The date condition for the report is slightly different. I want the report to generate where the date in the expression of the object is >= today(). as i'm new to NPrint, is there a way to drive the report by an expression other than using a variable in the Conditions tab?


      i would like the report to generate along the lines of:


      sum({$<Staff_Start_Date>= {Today()}>} Datestaff_ID)


      is this possible or do i need to create a variable in my QV app?


      many thanks