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    How to do more with maps?



      I have created a simple map as below:




      With marks on Ireland, France and Spain. What I would like to do is rank these is some way.


      I.E the one with most sales green, second amber, least red OR the size of the dot bigger depending on sales.


      Is this possible? If so how? Please try and keep answer in as plain English as possible.



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          Josh Good

          Hi Kieron,


          It looks like you haven't added a measure to the chart.  To do this expand the Data section and then put the measure in (image attached).  You can then go into the "Appearance" section and go to "Colors and legend" (image attached).  In this section you can adjust the colors as needed.  The easiest way to get different colors based on sales is to use the "By measure" drop down.  This will automatically color the dots based on the value of the measure.





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