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    Continuous Line Chart

    Daniel Mann

      Good Morning,


      How do I create a line chart that will show months and years on the x-axis?


      I want it to run Jan - Dec 2014 and the same for 2015, but I can only seem to make a graph that has the Jan - Dec axis, but then 2 lines for the year.





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          Sunny Talwar

          I am guessing that you have two dimensions in your chart- > Month and Year? Try using this as your dimension -> Month & ' ' & Year

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              Daniel Mann

              Hi Sunny,


              Thanks that worked apart from the chart is now running in an incorrect order.


              I have Jan - Dec 2015, Jan - Dec 2014


              I want to have it the opposite so that Dec 14 joins to Jan 15.


              I have tried to use the sort, but nothing seems to work.


              Any ideas?

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                  Sunny Talwar

                  Change the dimension to this:


                  Date#(Month & ' ' & Year, 'MMM YYYY')

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                    Casey Burrow

                    That's because this Month & ' ' & Year is interpreted as text, not a dual date. You could try the suggestion from Sunny T using the Date#() function but I think you might get errors because you will be trying to assign a date value and only specifying a month and a year (with no day). If you are going to use that approach (instead of MonthStart() or MonthName()) then I would suggest this:

                    Date( Date#(1&' '&Month&' '&Year,'D MMM YYYY'), 'MMM YYYY')

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                  Casey Burrow

                  I would do it via a Month_Year field. So if you have a master calendar with individual dates you could create a field like this using the MonthName function:




                  MonthName(Date) as MonthYear,

                  Year(Date) as Year...


                  Then you could have a line chart with MonthYear as the dimension and it would still respond to selections in the Year, Month, Date fields. Something like this:


                  EDIT: in my App the MonthYear field is just named Month (x-axis in the picture). MonthName() by default will have this format: 'MMM YYYY'. I changed mine to 'MMM-YY' format.

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                    Pablo Romaniuk

                    Si Quieres que te Quede Como en El Gráfico solitario deberías dejan en Dimensiones mes y año por Separado.