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    Request for Info - Qlik Sense



      I am new to Qlik Sense and looking forward to gain expertise. I have limited knowledge of QlikView as well. Have worked on Cognos BI.


      Can someone assist me in providing the sample data files along with tutorial.. Would be good if some complex logics and charts, graphs are also embedded...


      Please send the files in zip...since I cannot download the exe.


      Looking forward to your kind response.




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          Rangaraju Rajappan

          Hi Suhas vepa,


          Qlik Demos: See Qlik Sense in Action | Sense-Demo.Qlik.Com


          Visit the above site. You can download these demos and try to replicate. Take binary load for data.


          Also, you can try the below concept. I have provided steps and data to try waterfall chart in Qlik Sense.


          Qlik Sense Waterfall Chart (No Extension)

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            Sangram Reddy

            Hi Suhas,


            To have good understanding on the Qlik scripting and other topics, please refer to the articles written by hic. Follow him and that should be a great way to start.

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              Michael Tarallo

              Hi Suhas,





              I would recommend you take a look at this video index first New to Qlik Sense Videos - all the brief video assets you need including samples and longer step by step tutorials are here to help you get started.


              Let us know how you do and if you have any questions.


              Please mark the appropriate replies as CORRECT / HELPFUL so our team and other members know that your question(s) has been answered to your satisfaction.



              Mike Tarallo


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                Paras Doshi

                All of the above resources are great! I benefited a lot from the new to qlik sense vidoes and also worked through the tutorial that comes with the Qlik sense desktop. The location of the PDF/Tutorial depends on how you installed the app but here's an example: C:\Users\<<username>>\Documents\Qlik\Sense\Tutorials\Qlik Sense developer\Instructions Hope that helps!


                The tutorial covers following topics:


                Getting started
                Creating the application
                Loading data from files - Part 1
                Your first chart – a line chart
                Customizing your line chart
                Repositioning your line chart
                Adding a pie chart
                Master items and avoiding repetition
                A pie chart with master items
                Loading data - Part 2
                What have I loaded? The data model
                Adding more master items
                Using the new data – adding a region bar chart
                Selecting data – using filters
                Loading data – part 3
                Adding master items again
                A new sheet, a scatter plot, and a pie chart
                Consistent colors and good visual design
                Text and images
                Mobile development
                Project files and folders
                Data sources and data processing
                Dimensions and measures