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    Qlik sense area map doesn't load

    Paras Doshi

      Hi there!


      Thanks in advance for your help. So I uploaded an Excel file (attached) which has the "state abbr" and "area" to create an area map on Qlik sense server (v 2.1.1). I also tagged the area field as geopolygon in the data load editor:  TAG FIELDS "Area" WITH $geopolygon;


      Here's my problem:

      The map doesn't load -- it has been "loading" for past 25 minutes and hasn't rendered any state yet. Do you have any pointers on finding the root cause?



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          Josh Good

          Hi Paras,


          I believe the issue is that your excel file is exceeding the charcater limit for excel so the coordinates are being truncated.  Using the data you provided I was able to load  









          but I could not get CA or FL to work.  When I look at the data in Excel it appears the data is truncated for those states.


          I would recommend you load the data from your source file vs copying into Excel.





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            Robert Mika

            Are you trying to use this coordinates as KLM or CSV file?

            As far as I'm concern those are KLM coordinates.

            You have got few missing states as well


            Try attached- this is extract from KLM file

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                Paras Doshi

                Thanks for the reply Robert...I was loading them via excel file. I tried the excel file you attached which seems to much better version of what I had but no luck either (on Qlik sense desktop). You mentioned KML file in your response so I searched and found a KML file (which probably has the exact same data that you have in your excel file) and that worked!


                I found KML file here: KML US and World Map and Sample Data


                I am marking this as the answer since your tip on "KML" solved the issue for me.