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    Is it possible to switch QVDs for reports at run-time?



      I have a requirement wherein I will have 200+ concurrent users using a dozen reports running on top of maybe 1.2 billion records amounting to 300GB of data. Out of these, 80-85% users are only interested in summary reports. The rest 15-20% want to get into the details once they have a look through the summary reports.


      My question is will I gain any performance/design advantage by using separate QVDs for the Summary vs Detailed reports? Also is there a way I can switch the QVDs real-time, say a "on-click" kind of functionality wherein summary QVD switches over to Detailed QVD? Or would I be better off using a single QVD for both and concentrating on compressing the data for optimized storage and in-memory processing?


      Appreciate any and every suggestion/comments and especially any such real application experience.


      We will probably have a 12-core server system with 128GB RAM supporting the Qlikview reporting infra.