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    Multi_selection_box - how to generate formulas for the individual fields?

    Friedrich Hofmann



      I have a multi-selection-box with several fields.

      One of them is the "plant" and another one is the "area" - there are n areas in one plant

      => To have a shorter list of areas display when a plant has been selected, I use an aggr() function like
            >> aggr(area, area) <<

      => That way, only the areas which are within the selected plant are displayed, BUT

      <=> These fields/ expressions don't show up in the list on the > presentation < tab

      <=> I would like to activate the display of frequencies and % for exactly these fields, but the checkbox is on the > presentation <
              tab and there is no > formulas < tab like there is in individual listboxes where I could do this.


      Could anyone give me a hint as to how to achieve this? Is there any possibility at all with the multibox or will I just have to use several listboxes?


      Thanks a lot!

      Best regards,