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    Qvs error - "document became obsolete while loading - retrying"

    Johan Hessler

      I've posted this a few months ago, now I thought I give it another try.

      I have problem with the Qvs / Qv Publisher - as soon as a user tries to open a document (after Qvs restart) the Qvs event log is filled with the following phrase;

      " Document XXXXX became obsolete while loading - retrying"

      After a few minutes the event log is really big (>100mb) and it dont stop until i stop Qvs.

      I think it has something with Publisher and maybee nfts rights, because if i stop all the Publisher services everything works fine when i try to open the documents. I talked to QT support, they talked about the IQVS_servername account, but that didn't help this time (I've seen this error earlier).

      Im running latest 8.5 relase.