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    Thom Mumaw

      I am receiving the following error while extracting data from SAP's BSEG table "Fetch aborted, since no data has been received during 1201 s. Try increasing the value of 'TimeoutFetch' may solve the problem." Is this an OS setting or a setting within Qlikview?


        • Publisher (TimeoutFetch)
          Sravan Puppala

          Hello Guys,


          Same Problem here.. Does anyone has an Idea?? Thanks in advance..

          @Thom Mumaw

          Did you solve the Problem??

            • Publisher (TimeoutFetch)


              TimeOutFetch is a property you can set in your connection string.

              Default value (before 5.3) was 600 seconds, since 5.3 (i'm not hundred pct sure ) it is 1200 Seconds

              The TimeOutFetch is the number of seconds the connector will wait before raising an error (which is the case).

              Either you improve your query to limit the time it takes (which is I think the best solution).

              Or you increase the TimeOutFetch property in your connection string (add for example ;TimeOutFetch=1300 in your connection string).

              I hope this will help you.