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    Targeting problems with filters



      I recently posted here and got such proper advice, so I thought I'd give it another try for my next issue:


      I made this big view in Qlik Sense with a lot of diagrams and a couple of filters, the problem is that I can't seem to control which diagrams the filter will apply to. To be specific, I have one overview line diagram which has lines for each measure (area), then I have another diagram that shows energy consumption for each measure, now I want the latter diagram to be filterable by types, but not the first one.


      I have a type table that looks something like this:

      Area, type

      Area 1, New

      Area 1, Something

      Area 2, Something

      Area 3, New


      ... so that areas can have multiple types. I managed to couple them, so that the second diagram filters on type, but as I mentioned; I don't want the first one to be filtered by it. I tried to change name when I load the data so that the first diagram's area column is named something entirely different, but it seems to be automatically connected (through synthetic keys?) by the names, as they contain the same data.


      Is there anyway to unbind a filter from certain diagrams, or should I consider this problem from another angle?


      I apologize if it sounds confusing,