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    Creating Linechart and Dotchart

      Hello Community,


      i'm new in the Qlikview Community.

      I got the following data in an xlsx-sheet:  

      Nov 06 2015 13:19:06.022.000Variable_13.9
      Nov 06 2015 13:20:06.010.032Status_1
      Nov 06 2015 13:21:06.100.056Variable_14.5
      Nov 06 2015 13:22:06.031.078Status_2
      Nov 06 2015 13:23:06.000.000Variable_210.1
      Nov 06 2015 13:23:07.022.032Variable_22.3


      What I want to do is, I want to import the xlsx-sheet an visualize the date in two charts.


      1. The first chart show the variables vs. time in a linechart.

      The x-axis show the timestamps of the table, the y-axis the value of the different variables.

      When I use a time like 13:22:06 it works, but not with the timestamp of the xlsx-data. I got always "no numeric values on x-axis" in the chart.


      2. The secont chart show the states vs. time

      I have no idea how to do this. I need a chart with the timestamp on x-axis. On y-Axis there should be shown the Status.

      When a status is in the table, there should be a dot or something else in the graph.



      I would be great, if anyone have an idea, how to create this two charts. Regarding the code - i have only a personal licence.