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    Connect QV server 64bit to MSAccess

    Derek Keeble

      Hi all.

      Can someone please help?

      I am running a standard edition of 8.5 small business edition of QVS on a 64bit server.

      Has anybody got any suggestions on how I can use this to connect and pull data from a MS access database ?

        • Connect QV server 64bit to MSAccess
          Stephen Charles

          You can't. I have the same issue. MS Access only has ODBC drives for 32 bit. You will have to load the 32 bit version of QV.


            • Connect QV server 64bit to MSAccess
              Derek Keeble

              Thanks Stephen

              Thats what I have done on the server and got it to generate a qvd file then import that.

              Just seems really clunky .......

                • Connect QV server 64bit to MSAccess

                  I'm trying to do this with a SQL Server linked server definition.I was able to successfully create a linked server from one of our SQL Server 2000 boxes that has the MS Jet 4.0 ODBC driver on it. Then I took my query and ran it in Query Analyzer and got the results I expected.

                  Great, right? Wrong. I plugged the new connection string into my load script and ran it on my 32-bit Developer edition on my PC. (Not even wading into 64-bit territory yet, but that's where I need to get to for my Publisher.) I'm getting an error telling me "Invalid object < my table name >" and the query fails. Why? Is QlikView doing something other than passing this query on to the server for execution?

                  Any help is appreciated.

                    • Connect QV server 64bit to MSAccess
                      Scott Moon

                      It's more than likely not QlikView, but rather the ODBC driver. Especially with JET ODBC I have had similar issues in QlikView and others. The culprit usually turns out to be differences in string delimiting - i.e. single vs double quotes. In other instances it has to do with how field names are represented, square brackets vs quotes or similar.

                      A little late to the party, but I hope this helps.