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    Strait to distribute

    Philip Hand

      Before i spend a whole bunch of time testing does anyone know if it is possible to skip generating a report from scratch and instead only distribute a previous version of the report if a condition was met.(previous version would be stored on disk as last run)


      The aim is to set a flag in a variable if the source data has changed since the report was last run (multiple sources and reports)


      If the source data has not changed then the task would skip recreating the report from scratch and jump strait to the distribution part of the task using the previous version instead. This would save a lot of time.


      Thanks in advance!

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          If I understand, you have a report that was distrubuted yesterday.  Today it is determined that there has not been any changes that would affect the report, so if the report is created, it would be the same report as yesterday.  Since the report would be the same, isntead of regenerating the report, you want to redistribute the one from yesterday.


          Do I understand the reuirement correctly?

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              Philip Hand

              Hi Adam,


              That is 100% correct. My testing so far says it is not possible but i'm all ears if you can come across this before?



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                  Aran Nathanson



                  If there is only one filter set applied for all recipients, then this is possible.


                  This is how you do it:


                  1. Build a condition which tests for whether reports should be delivered or not
                  2. Build Task1 which sends Report1 if the Condition1 is true. As part of Task1, save Report1 to Directory1. Report1 will be overwritten every time the Task is run.
                  3. Build Task2 which sends an empty Report2 if Condition1 is false. Part of Task2 is an attachment which is Report1 in Directory1 (at the bottom of the email window, you can click a browse button and attach any file(s) you want).


                  This will effectively send "yesterday's" version of Report1 from Task2.


                  The limitation is that the attachment is the same for every recipient hence my first statement.


                  Not sure what the advantage of this is over just sending the report again other than saving some server time.