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    OnPostReload Not Running

    Stephen Charles

      I have Publisher running a reload task on a QV document each night. The document also has a Macro for OnPostReload, but it does not seem to be running. Does Publisher reload in the backround such that the OnPostReload will not trigger?



        • OnPostReload Not Running

          Hi stephen I had the same problem, the answer from qlikview is that QV Publisher does not support onpostreload macros.

          So the workaround is to reload the QVW from task manager , I already tested in several apps and it works.

          this is an example of command line you have to put in the task manager:

          C:\PROGRA~1\QlikView\QV.exe /r C:\QlikView Publisher Data\Private Data\Source Documents\Securityapps\Bole MERC audit security 4 hours buckets.qvw


          Hector Garcia