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    QVX Files or Custom Data connector

    Srikanth P

      Hi Qlik Gurus, we are looking some options to directly pull the data from our internal data staging tool (I can call ETL tool) and this tool captures the data from machines & stage the data in the memory. Currently we are storing the data from ETL tool to database & loading to Qlikview. In our environment the data growing rapidly and we are expecting very huge data in Q1 2016. So we are looking some alternative options to load the data directly from in memory of ETL server.


      I seen some out box use cases, we can use QVX or Custom connector to pull the data from other than traditional data systems. I am working on the POC like "Is it Possible Qlikview read the data from in memory ETL"


      Please guide me, how can I start working on POC.


      Thanks in Advance...