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    Build a Qlik Sense in a new customer

    Quentin Bruno

      Hello everyone,


      I am really new to Qlik Sense tools. I looked at some documents but I still have questions about how to implement a solution based on Qlik Sense for a customer.


      Currently, we will have a new customer who wants a Qlik Sense solution for their company. They only have an SAP BW solution and don't have Qlik solutions at all.


      So my questions are :

      - Qlik Sense uses QVD to load its data so do we need to install a QlikView server to create our QVD in order to use Qlik Sense server or can I create my QVD directly in QlikSense ?

      - I saw that Qlik Sense connectors exist so can I use them to connect SAP BW to Qlik Sense ?


      Thanks a lot for all your answers.

      Best regards,