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    Java client error - file not found


      IE client works fine - but Java client gives the following:


      File not found

      The requested document was not found.

      Then - Couldn't be started with document: Test.qvw

      It will list the documents OK in accesspoint and the sample html page for Java clients but will not load. I'm sure that the old sample documents used to work when Server first installed but not any more!

        • Java client error - file not found
          Vlad Gutkovsky

          Did you ever find an answer to this issue? I'm having the same problem and it's very frustrating...

          • Java client error - file not found

            I am experiencing exactly the same situation.

            The application that I am trying to access is located in a mounted folder rather than the root path.

            Looking at the Qlikview Server Log, when the application is loaded using the plugin, the file path used is of the form


            When the java client is attempted, the file path used is of the form


            The path used by the java client is not a valid host file path, and so Qlikview returns a "file not found" error. Any way around this that does not involve restructuring our host directories would be appreciated.

              • Java client error - file not found


                Why don't you create manually the missing folder, and set up a scheduled task to sync QVW files every 10 minutes? . XCOPY /D will copy only newer files , so it has low CPU usage

                xcopy /C /D /Y X:\Qlikview_mounted_folder_path\*.QVW X:\Qlikview_root_folder_path\Qlikview_mounted_folder_name\Qlikview_mounted_folder_path


                This assumes there is enough disk space. If there are many files, look how to create Unix style "links" between folders. Those do not consume disk space and need no sync task, but never managed to get them work under Windows.