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    Authentication every page, hidden charts show up, and macros don't work


      I am trying AJAX with 8.50 SR5 6299 for the first time, here are my questions:

      1. Authentication prompted twice upon page opens, and it even shows up whenever toggling between pages. I want authentication show up once, and won't be prompted after log in.

      2. Hidden charts are displayed. I don't want them shown.

      3. Macros of "Zoom" and "Reset zoom" are not working. Please let me know if there's any way to zoom in/out in AJAX.

      Here is the webpage for example:

      http://skypadsvr01/qlikview/AjaxZfc/test_ajax/ please copy and paste the link if not working.

      userid: test password : test

      qvw is attached, qvds will be posted later.

      Please help me with this, thank you very much!!