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    Shared Server Objects


      What is the shared Server Objects? How to create this shared objects? How do we share an object?


        • Shared Server Objects
          Kris Adant

          a. These are objects created on the QlikView Server. These objects can be created by any user connected to an Enterprise Edition server. These objects are stored on the QV Server in seperate files that are managed by the QV Server.They are NOT stored in the .qvw file.

          b. Create a shared object by opening a document on the server. Then create it like you would working localy. (different for ZFC in QVS 9)

          c. Press F2 when working on the server. Then right click on the object you want to share. (extended functionality in QVS 9 versus QVS 8.5)

            • Shared Server Objects


              Please clarify the following queries

              1. Why the option "shared objects" from the Layout menu is disabled in the enterprise even after the option Allow Server Objects" option is enabled in the 8.5 enterprise?

              2. When Iam seeing an empty dialog box in the Shared objects box when selecting the Shared objects box menu in the IE plugin?

              3. Would this dialog box displays all the sheet objects created so far in the report?

              4. Where does the shared server objects reside? What is the difference between the shared server objects and normal sheet objects?

              5. What is the advantages of creating shared objects?