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    Limit string by character in string

    Crystle Stamper

      I have a string field called "Part Description". We have thousands of parts, but thankfully have a very good naming convention, where the first part of the string is the broad definition of the part, then a comma, then other descriptions of the part.



           Hammer, Blue, Light Weight

           Hammer, Red, Heavy Weight

           Screw Driver, Yellow, Medium Weight


      I need to be able to pull the first section of the string before the FIRST comma. It would be easy if they were all the same character spaces, but the descriptions are all different lengths, before and after the first comma and also have spaces in some of them.


      I have thought of different ways to accomplish this, using either Replace(), or TextBetween(), but they seem kind of cumbersome and I was wondering if anyone had a better, more efficient way of accomplishing this?


      Any help is greatly appreciated! Thank you!