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    Problems with Publisher and Section Access

      Hi everybody,

      We are using Publisher enterprise and it is working fine. Except for documents that use a section access. When publisher is going to open de document see this error "The document failed to open". If i dont's use section access, publisher reload the document perfectly.

      Any idea?

        • Problems with Publisher and Section Access
          Kris Adant

          Could be the following:

          Go to your task in the Publisher and click on the "+" with the desctription "Section Access" (or something like that.) There you can enter your access credentials for the reload.

            • Problems with Publisher and Section Access
              Karl Humma

              If this suggestion does not work, but it should Big Smile, there is another option. From the Publisher ref manual section 13:


              13 QLIKVIEW PUBLISHER 8.50 AND

              SECTION ACCESS

              A very important change in QlikView Publisher 8.00 and onwards compared to older

              versions is that QlikView Publisher 8 respects the Section Access of any document it

              works with. This means that if you have a Section Access in your document script

              you must add the account that you are running the Execution Service (XS) under, or a

              group to which this account belongs, into your Section Access. The access level

              granted must be "ADMIN". If the XS is running under the local computer accounts

              Local System or Network Service, the computer account must be added to your Section

              Access. The account name of the computer is usually the name of the computer

              plus a $ sign, e. g. PublisherServer$. If a dynamic reduction is made, the reduction

              field must be left empty.


              Section Access;

              LOAD * INLINE [



              USER, HIC, A

              USER, TNI, B

              Section Application;

              Load …

              It is very important that the line with the Publisher Account has no value in the reduction

              field column (REDUCTIONFIELD in this example). If you instead would use a

              wildcard "*" in this column, this would limit QlikView Publisher's access to the data

              in the QlikView file to other values defined in the Section Access (A and B in this

              example; however, the values C to Z would not be included in your file).

              If this is not done correctly, the document cannot be used by the Publisher at all or the

              data it can access will be limited.

              Hope this helps!