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    Get Totals in between for a group and also a grand total of a single dimension for all the expressions either in straight table or Pivot table.

    hemantha kumar bandari

      Hi All,

      I have created a straight table with only one dimension and respective 5 expressions in it. I want to get a total in between of the table for all the expressions and also a grand total to the end. For example if I have 20 fields in my dimension out of which 10 belong to technology, 5 belong to operations and 5 belong to others. So I want after the first 10 Technology items a field as "Total technology" and its sum across all the 5 expressions in the same way for Operations and Others and a grand total of all the items. I am familiar about the options showing complete total at the end or Top of table but I need the sums of each group and than the grand total.Even if its possible in Pivot table please help me in how it can be done.


      Thanks in advance.