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    Removing models from Qlikview 9 server



      I have some models which I was reloading in QV9 server, but I have now deleted the models. They are no longer in the User Documents section of the Management Console, but they still appear on the Status page and they still try (and fail) to load each night. How do I tell the server to stop trying to load them?



        • Removing models from Qlikview 9 server

          Could you log this with our support team please? Smells like something we need to tweak!


          • Removing models from Qlikview 9 server

            To help out others with the same problem who stumble upon this thread, as I did:

            you should recreate the file that you removed or renamed (just take any other qlikview file, copy and rename (case sensitive)). This document now reappears in you user's documents tab, together with the reload options you had attached to the file before deleting.renaming it. You can now set the reload option to "none", and the task in you status tab will disappear. Now you can delete that qlikview document again.

            Kind regards,

            Yves Sannen.