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    Upgrade New QlikView version

      Hi Community,


      As QlikView 12 is coming soon, I am planning to upgrade QlikView to the latest version. Is there any impact on my existing QlikView 11 application or server when I upgrade to version 12?

      I have not experienced on upgrading QlikView 10 to 11. I would appreciate if you could share your experience on upgrading QlikView. Thanks.


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          Stefan Wühl

          In my experience, upgrading from a recent version to the new version hasn't shown a lot of issues (but read the Release Notes carefully on any specific advice).

          If you are upgrading from an older (very old) version to latest version, there might be some steps to consider though (especially on the server).


          You can have a look at the document attached to

          Re: QlikView server migration


          to get an idea what might need to be considered.