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    Server Object Metrics


      We are about to combine two existing QlikView files to save some RAM on our server (the use the same underlying data model). Since the combined file has a new file name and objects have been recreated (and renamed), etc.. there is no way that I know of to move user and shared server objects (collaboration) from the old files to the new.

      What I am looking for now is way to communicate with the users about the objects they will need to recreate.

      I am looking for a way to get metrics on which users have created objects, type of objects, etc... I have not been able to locate a way to quickly get to that data. I tried looking at the Manage Collaboration page in QVS but the data is not exportable, I am not able to copy the table and past in Excel. I even tried to download the table in QlikView via URL for this page and that did not work.

      Has anyone been able to come up with a way to easily analyze this data? Our shared files are close to 2MB in size so there are a lot of objects. I wan to communicate with the users as to the quanity and type of objects they will most likely have to recreate in our new combined application. Any ideas?




        • Server Object Metrics
          Rob Wunderlich

          Here's a crude way to "extract" the data that works on my 8.5 server.

          1. Open the Manage Collaboration page for the document. The opened window is modal and does not allow for select/copy.

          2. Right click a cell in the window., That will result in an error popup "Server Error, Reconnect?". Click "OK".

          3. The Manage Collaboration page will reopen in a standard IE modeless window. From there you can do Ctl-A Ctl-C to copy and then paste into excel etc. This will also give you a URL you can modify and paste into an IE window to get the display.

          Let me know if this works for you and I'll add it to the "secret QV tricks" file. :)


            • Server Object Metrics

              Add to the 'secret QV tricks file'. The results made for a very useful analysis in Qlikview.

              Thanks. I had clicked in the cell and got the "server error, reconnect" but never went any further to see of the properties of the window changed.