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    Transfer of Configuration Files When Migrating From QlikView to Qlik Sense

    Michael Smith

      I'm currently looking into the potential of migrating existing QlikView applications over to Qlik Sense.  I have already been able to glean from the material posted on the forums that only a partial transfer is possible i.e. the data model and scripting elements of the QlikView app can be transferred to Qlik Sense, however any object visualisations need to be recreated.


      My question therefore relates to the transfer of existing configuration files currently used in conjunction with QlikView over for use with Qlik Sense.  Can the existing file with it's embedded script simply be transferred across into the new file structure for use with Qlik Sense?  I recognise that there may well be changes required in respect to file paths, but will there need to be any other changes that are made in the existing configuration file for it to be successfully used with the new Qlik Sense app?