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    How do do Job Task (Batch) in qvs 9.0

      In 8.5 you can create job tasks to batch your qvw load. For example i have 2 qvws. the first one is to pull data from the source into a qvd. The 2nd qvw is to pull data from the qvd and this qvw is the eventual dashboard app. So in 8.5 i can put them in a job task to make sure the first one finishes before the 2nd one starts.

      Now in qvs 9, i can only schedule by qvw file. I can put a buffer ( start the 2nd one an hour later or something) but this is not sufficient as going forward the 1st qvw may take longer to run and may not be done loading before the 2nd qvw starts.

      Can a qvw be called to reload within another qvw's script?

      Thanks, Emerson