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    Dynamic data listbox by field or order by field

      Hi guys,


      First sorry for my English.


      My case is I have a field called Dimension and i put it into a listbox for the user to select different values but I have many values for this field.


      This Dimension values have a Group assigned by another field called [Dimension Group]. Here is an example:



      Dimension          Dimension Group

      Client                 Sales

      Date order          Dates

      Provider              Purchase

      Material Name    Material                   

      Material Colour   Material



      I'm trying to do a filter with Dimension Group for the user to show only the values on Dimension listbox of the group selected. It's very easy with qlik.


      My problem is if the user select any value on Dimension list, it has a Dimension Group assigned. If I want to change the Dimension Group to see fields for another group to select another Dimension value, the value selected is cleared because it's not in this Group.


      An example:


      I select a value Client on Dimension list. I want to see now only the values for Material Group, I select Material on Dimension Group but Dimension field clears because the Group of Client is Sales.


      I tried this on two ways more:


      - Doing an INLINE with Dimension Group Alternative like an island and creating listbox with Dimension Field depending values shown with this new field. It works but when I select data on Dimension list the selected values are highlighted on white, not green.


      - I tried this way with Match function and doing many listboxes with Dimension depending Dimension Group Alternative field but when I select value on the Listbox with values of  Sales Group and I tried to select another value on the other listbox the first value it's cleared.


      I hope I've explained the case well.


      PS: I need to do this only with 1 Dimension field. I can't create many Dimension fields distributed by Group.