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    how to dynamicaly set filters with a text ?

      Hello !

      I'm building a simple page with one table and one graph. In this table is one dimension (costpool) and 3 measures

      - AmountA : Sum({$<year={$(vCurYear)}>} amount)

      - AmountB : Sum({$<year={$(vCurYear-1)}>} amount)

      - Deltavalue:  Sum({$<year={$(vCurYear-1)}>} amount) -Sum({$<year={$(vCurYear)}>} amount)

      the graph is a combo graph with the same information.

      Pretty simple as I said.


      I want to be able to filter the costpool by showing only those where the DeltaValue is above a value set by a variable vLevel.

      The dimension Limit does not work because 1) it works only with the 1st measure. 2) it does not modify the filters (in other words that will not impact the graph)


      Is this a way to do that ?

      thank you in advance




        • Re: how to dynamicaly set filters with a text ?
          Sunny Talwar

          May be this:



          =If(Sum({$<year={$(vCurYear-1)}>} amount) -Sum({$<year={$(vCurYear)}>} amount) > vLevel, Sum({$<year={$(vCurYear-1)}>} amount) -Sum({$<year={$(vCurYear)}>} amount))



          =If(Sum({$<year={$(vCurYear-1)}>} amount) -Sum({$<year={$(vCurYear)}>} amount) > vLevel, Sum({$<year={$(vCurYear)}>} amount))



          =If(Sum({$<year={$(vCurYear-1)}>} amount) -Sum({$<year={$(vCurYear)}>} amount) > vLevel, Sum({$<year={$(vCurYear-1)}>} amount))