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    How can I resolve "Failed to load properties. No data found" publishing error?

    Ken Daniels

      When publishing/overwriting an app, I'm getting an error, "Failed to load properties. No data found." Has anyone experienced this or found a solution to it?


      I can get around this by 1) deleting the published app, 2) making a copy of the app in the "My Work" stream, and 3) republishing the copy. But as soon as I try to publish the app again by overwriting the published app, I get this error:



      I wondered if one of the sheets in my app was causing the problem, so I made another copy of the app, stripped out all the existing sheets, created a simple new sheet (one table, one column), then published again to a new name. Then I republished a copy of the stripped-down app over the new app and received the same error.


      The app has a lot of visualizations that I'd prefer not to lose. Do I have to start all over?


      Thanks for any help you can provide!