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    Client side javascript access

      Where can I find documentation on the client side scripting for the Ajax client?


      E.g. I would like to  download multiple QVW documents into my custom web app running in a browser.


      I would like to get information on

      - what kind of containers should I have in my web app to host the ajax clients that have the downloaded qvw.

      - what client side scripting capabilities do I have, e.g. getting the current selection in one of the qvw to drive the selection in the other qvw

      - how do I download the javascript that runs on the client so that my web app can access the separate qvw and facilitate client side communication

      - I am assuming client side scripting is preferred over server-side due to latency etc. But should I be considering server-side scripting


      As you can tell, I am just starting these investigations and am working my way through the QV documentation for Work Bench, document extensions etc. QV is a very mature product and so there is a very large landscape to cover.