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    Problem with negative time

      Hello everybody,


      I'm having problems with this:


      I have a table with 2 columns with entry times (Hora_ing) and out times (Hora_sal).

      When i do the subtraction of Hora_sal and Hora_ing it works.

      Captura de pantalla 2015-11-19 a las 4.56.37 p.m..png


      But when the "truck" come to the place at 23:00:00 pm and lives at 00:00:01 am and after, my problem starts.

                                                           Hora_sal                                      Hora_ing

      Captura de pantalla 2015-11-19 a las 4.49.26 p.m..png

      the fields in blue are expression Hora_sal - Hora_ing and the times are negative and i need positives values, im trying to make a expression like:

      if(Hora_sal-Hora_ingr < time#(00,'hh'), Hora_sal-Hora_ing = (Hora_sal-Hora_ing) + 24 ) and other stuffs but nothing works to me.




      Gerd Neumann