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    "My Work" stream on Qlik sense server

    Paras Doshi

      We are on Qlik sense server 2.1 and I had a question regarding the "My Work" stream that is visible via Hub. We are 3 content admins developing apps here and I noticed that when someone else from my team creates an app it appears in "My Work" that I see -- 1) Isn't "My Work" stream meant for publishing apps for testing/developing before it's published? and 2) I had assumed that I wouldn't be able to access/edit other developers apps if they used their "My Work" stream -- but that doesn't seem to be case since I can access/delete other developers apps. What do we need to do create personal streams for each developer?


      It might be that we might not have the stream settings correct and if so if you have suggestions around roles/security settings then that would also be very valuable!


      Thanks in advance for your help!

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          abhay singh

          hi,Create  a common stream for all developers and publish your app over there and u can use the app for development..


          But why u want to develop app after publishing it??

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            Michael Tarallo

            Hello Paras,


            By default - each dedicated user ID should have their own My Work stream and should not see other individuals work unless they are the owner of that work. Can you check the apps in question and see who the owner is. The only way I see this to be possible is that is an ID is being shared.


            Let us know more and provide steps and screenshots to supplement the troubleshooting, thanks.



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            Mike T


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                Levi Turner

                The only way I see this to be possible is that is an ID is being shared.

                To follow up from Michael here, I've also seen this be due to altered security rules. To debug this is tricky since it will have to involve disabling security rules, but the first pass should be to perform an audit in the QMC of a given user (e.g. John.Smith) and an unpublished application owned by another users (e.g. Sales). That'll likely point to the read rights being provided from a customized security rule.

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                Goran Korsgren

                I had this issue also.

                Following Levi's suggestion I found that the "ContentAdmin" security rule had been changed to Context: "Both in hub and qmc"

                When I changed that to "Only in QMC" which is the standard afaik, other users apps disappered from the hub stream "My Work"