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    https and qlikview plugin

    Michael Stoler


      We would like to use the plugin with https. However we are having a problem with authentication. We have to enter our credentials twice. We have enabled tunneling and are successful using http. The following is a description.

      1. 1. Network configuration changed to allow only port TCP/443 to the Qlikview server.

      2. Browse to our landing page (https://QVapp.company.com/default.html) on the Qlikview server.

      3. Authenticate to IIS using my domain credentials.

      4. Click the HTTPS link "qvp://app.company.com;https/ourdoc.qvw" to our document.

      5. IE Plug-in launches, but does not load the document.

      6. Select "Alternate Identity" and enter my domain credentials "domain\username".

      7. Enter my domain password in the next prompt.

      8. The document loads as expected.