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    again about Login vs User access

    Boris Tyukin

      thanks to Mike's videos, I finally understand the difference. I still have one issue though.


      I setup login access rule and server access rule, using specific AD groups. it works great but a couple users happen to belong to two groups and even though they were already allocated user access licenses, they also get allocated login access ones.


      if this expected behavior? why Sense allocates login access one if user access one already granted to that user?


      I understand it works in Qlik favor consuming two licenses at once but this is not good for us since we do not really expect to pay for two.

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          Josh Good

          Hi Boris,


          Are you sure the users are consuming license twice?  I would expect both licenses to be available to the users with the overlap however the user would always be using the User Access pass.


          In the case of User Access being assigned to the user and no one else can use it.  However in the case of login access a pool of user is assigned to the pool of Login Access passes but they are only consume on demand/when needed.


          What I would expect to happen is the Qlik Sense would check if the user has an available User Access and if not then check if the user is in Login Access pool of users.  By doing it this way the user who has a User Access would never consume a Login Access pass (unless the user's User Access pass is removed of course).




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              Boris Tyukin

              i am pretty sure because as I am the only user for now - i just installed sense and did not enable it for other people at our organization. I saw my windows ID on a license dashboard twice under user access license type and login one once i enabled both license types - login pass was assigned to one AD group and user pass to another one and I happen to be in both of them and already had user license activated for my account so i did not expect to consume login pass.