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    set analysis question

    Josephinet Tedesco

      Hi all this works

      - as Classification = Clinical - will not change no matter what Classification is chosen by the user.



      This expression is better because if the week has 2 months - it will still calculate correctly.



      (Classification = 'Clinical',((sum({$<WeekNum = p(WeekNum), Date_Fin_Month = >}DurMins))/(sum({$<WeekNum = p(WeekNum), Date_Fin_Month = >}AvailMins))))



      However, a user needs to make a selection of Clinical.


      I would like to make it that a User did not need to select Classification = Clinical but always stays as Clinical.


      I have tried combining the two expresssions but it is hard and I end up with commas and brackets left over!


      How could I modify the if statement???