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    store qvd

    Adam Gao

      I see two ways of storing table into qvd files

      1.STORE TAB INTO tab.qvd;

      2.STORE TAB INTO tab.qvd(qvd);

      is there any differences between these two methods?

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          Simone Spanio


          from the Documentation, this is the sintax of STORE statement:


          store[ *fieldlist from] table into filename [ format-spec ];


          format-spec ::= ( ( txt | qvd ) )


          SO you can use (txt) or (qvd). If format-spec is omitted, (qvd) is used.

          So we can assume that if you want store in a qvd, it's the same thing.



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            Tamil arasu

            Hi Adam,


            Also note that, While loading the QVD into Qlikview, you should not omit (qvd). If you do so, you will get an error popup.



            LOAD * FROM tab.qvd (qvd);



            LOAD * FROM tab.qvd;  (You will get an error)

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              Peter Cammaert


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                kushal chawda

                There is no difference between them. You can choose either of them.


                Bur generally we use STORE TAB INTO tab.qvd;

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                  Tatsiana Chetirbok

                  Hi! There are other formats that can be written (txt,csv,qvd) but QVD is the default so the statement works without the suffix.

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                    Rama Sai

                    Hi Adam,


                    1.STORE TAB INTO tab.qvd;

                    2.STORE TAB INTO tab.qvd(qvd);


                    both will gave the same result

                    but in second query u can save like

                    STORE TAB INTO tab.qvd(txt); it is also gave same result

                    i.e (QVD)/(txt) in which format u need to save that is ur wish else by default it is saved qvd format


                    hope i reach clear your doubt 80 % any way u can try once 

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                      balkumar chandel

                      Hi Adam


                      giving defining file type for QVD is not mandatory because QlikView understand it.

                      But when your will  store into some txt format like CSV you need to give file type.




                      STORE B into B.qvd;
                      STORE B into B.qvd(QVD);


                      Above both statements are same.


                      but below are different.

                      if you will use (txt) QV will load correct data but when you will not specify the format it will jot load data correctly it will be considered in xml format.




                      STORE B into csvB.csv(txt);
                      STORE B into wthoutcsvB.csv;