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    Question regarding performance (App is slow in Webview)

    Daniel Nasseh



      i realized that my application slows down a lot when using WebView. (Aside from webview it runs pretty smoothly)

      First i thought it is due to the many variables/conditions i am using or my extensions.

      Got about 20 variables conditions. In addition i am using different SVG maps. The SVG maps only run in webview.


      Now for testing purposes i deleted all conditions, deleted the SVG maps, and yes, webview got a bit faster, but still relatively slow/unresponsive in comparision to the NON-web-view.


      So now some questions:

      1. Currently QV appears to be using only 1GB RAM of my system. Would it help to supply more RAM? (If yes, how can i do this - on my local system i have 8GB, only 3,5GB are used when my application is running).


      2. If RAM is not the deciding factor - what is needed? A stronger processor?


      3. If i have for instance 10 SVG maps, or 10 tables (...whatever) and i give them hide-conditions within the layout that they only are supposed to show up if the condition is fullfilled. Are the MAPs/Tables basically not loaded (therefore not using any RAM / Resources) or are they just hidden, so that their contents are updated despite being not visible?


      4. As my goal is to speed up my application, i was reading the contents within following link: https://www.johndaniel.com/index.php/4-ways-optimize-qlikview-application-performance/

      Particularly the following seemed to be of importance to me:

      But what if you can’t put these changes in the script? Then try to utilize Set Analysis as much as possible. This is QlikView’s answer for the times that it can’t be avoided. Create flags or buckets in your script then refer to them in Set Analysis. The application will run much faster.

      Actually i have never heard/read about Set Analysis. Can anyone maybe lead me to some source or give a short explanation what this is or how to set it up?