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    Comparing Data by months and Fiscal Year

    Neil Williams




      I'm trying to create a chart that shows 24 months of data, but only compares the last 2 Fiscal years.

      I'm using set analysis in my expression to pull back the previous 24 months work of data based on the month selected. Now I want 1 expression for the current FY, and one for the previous FY.

      I've currently manually put this in simply by adding "Calendar.UKFYYear = {'FY15'}" to the expression, and this works fine.


      However, I want to make this maintenance free, and want the "FY15" bit to be calculated based on the month selected.


      I have attached the QVW file so you can see what I'm doing.  The expression I'm using is:


      Calendar.MonthName = {">=$(=Addmonths(Max(Calendar.MonthName),-24)) <=$(=Max(Calendar.MonthName))"},
      Calendar.UKFYYear = {'FY15'}


      Any thoughts on how this can be done would be grateful, as I've been playing with this for some time and had no luck.