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    Creating Dynamic Master Items

      Hi Guys,


      I have a question:


      I have uploaded in my app a sales record with some attributes as day, product sold, quantity, price….(all columns).


      Day       Product             quantity   price
      1 Nov   Red shoes           2             7$
      1 Nov   Blue shoes          1             2$


      2 Nov

      3 Nov


      I have created a master item called months where I add all the days of the month,

      And a master item called week, where I add the weeks.


      Now, what I want to do is to create three different measures

      1) Last 30 days

      2) Last 7 days

      3) Last 3 days

      Basically what I would like to do is to put these three measures in a table as column, in a way that I can see something like


      PRODUCT                              Last 30 days          last 7 days          last 3 days

      Black shoes sold                              25                         6                         2

      Red shoes sold                                95                         12                        7


      And so on.

      The goal would be to create “Auto updating master measures”

      This means that every day, when I replace the existing doc with an updated version, my app should be able to scan all the days in the “days” column, find the last 30, last 7 and last 3, and update the master measures.


      The product column is then calculated including the master measure in the calculation and it’s automatically updated.


      Is this possible?

      Thank you in advance

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          Casey Burrow

          See these posts about rolling period calculations:

          Set Analysis for Rolling Periods

          Re: Set Analysis Rolling Period

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            Mark Little



            Something like the below in set analysis




            You have to be careful of the date formats though.



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                Hi Mark,
                Thanks for your reply,

                the thing is that I export a table with the first column like










                so I have first to say to the app what is "today", which should be the "highest" value of the column


                From it, creating a dynamic item called "Last 7 days" that can basically fill a table like






                Same for last 3 days







                You see what I mean?


                Best Regards,



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                Srikanth P

                You can create expression for each measure in straight table like below:


                Assume you have date field in your Master Items table


                Last 30 Days : Sum({DateField={">=$(=Max(DateField)-30)<=$(=Max(DateField))"}}quantity)


                Last 7 Days : Sum({DateField={">=$(=Max(DateField)-7)<=$(=Max(DateField))"}}quantity)


                Last 3 Days : Sum({DateField={">=$(=Max(DateField)-3)<=$(=Max(DateField))"}}quantity)

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                    Thanks so much, I feel that I am close to what I want but it still doesn't work.


                    I'd like to point this out


                    All the products, the spend and all the other attributes are already aggregated by day.
                    It means that I am already able to plot a table where all the data are aggregated (with sum)


                    I can already have smth like


                    Date             Product            Quantity        Price per unit    Total Price         Shop
                    1 Nov            Blue shoes        4                 30                        120               London

                    1 Nov            Red shoes         5                 30                        150              Chelsea

                    2 Nov            Blue shoes        2                 30                        60              London






                    what I want to do is only to manipulate the date column


                    so I want to be able to plot 3 tables at the same time


                    last 3

                    last 7

                    last 30


                    so I can have in real time 3 separate tables with a manipulate date column, and the rest (should) come automatically.


                    Hope it's clear


                    (I am quite new with Qlik so sorry if it may look a very basic question)





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                      I would like to show only data for last 7 days of last week, as per my requirement my weekstarts from Friday and ends on Thursday, so currently for ex: today is Monday so I want to show the data from Friday 22nd January to Thursday January 28th with the measure.


                      My expression will be:

                      =Sum({Calculation} Sales)


                      Please find the attached screenshot for the same.


                      Please help on this, thanks