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    using trellis to show one chart for each dimension value with specific sort order and Y axis data range per trellis

    Simon Ball



      I have a requirement where the customer wants to see a chart of same type for each of three different types (site, lane and vehicle)


      for instance one type is to look at occurence of issues at each of their sites.


      I havea chart showing issues for a site, where the site is actually being stipulated in the set analysis of the sort for the issues.


      I'd like on the best way to do this.  should i just dig in and make 8 copies of the site chart, coding each chart to be for a specific site, and repeat the same idea for the 24 lane charts and 18 vehicle charts.


      I got the site trellis working to show the chart for the 8 sites, but the sorting was wrong and the y axis was showing the range 0 to 110 which is the extremes of the whole data for allsites, and what they want s for each chart to show the relevant range for the values for that site....


      So before i spend ages, can you guys tell me.


      can i use a trellis but specific a sort order within a trellis for a specific site, and get qlikview to recalculate the y axis for the specific site inside the trellis? I want to use trellis because other customers will want this too....


      If not, thats cool, I'll go and build all these charts manually using Clone object