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    Thumbnail images disappearing on AccessPoint


      I refreshed all of our dashboards this morning in my QlikView software and transferred the files to the server.

      Immediately I could see the thumbnail images of them in AccessPoint.
      Now I view AccessPoint and some of them say 'Missing Image'.
      Has anyone else experienced this?


        • Thumbnail images disappearing on AccessPoint

          I am having the same issue. Some applications are displaying correctly and not others. I am testing in the QV9 accesspoint.

          • Thumbnail images disappearing on AccessPoint

            I am also experiencing this. Anyone know a solution using publisher and a scheduled task?

            • Thumbnail images disappearing on AccessPoint

              I also have the same problem.

              • Thumbnail images disappearing on AccessPoint


                I have looked into this a bit further and discovered that if I reload my dashboards using windows task scheduler the thumbnails are removed.

                reloading using the management console does not seem to remove the thumbnails.

                I have sent QlikTech Support this information and some more technical info - so awaiting a response.




                • Thumbnail images disappearing on AccessPoint

                  There is another issue with the missing images on AccessPoint.

                  Models created in 8.5 will not display on a Version 9 server.

                  • Thumbnail images disappearing on AccessPoint


                    I know this thread is a little old but I have a solution to the 'Missing Thumbnail' problem in AccessPoint when you reload using qv /r

                    Instead of running a batch file that runs qv with the /r option use the following script, which performs the same function as you would if you opened the document, reloaded, saved it and closed it.

                    Cut and paste it into buildqvw.vbs using notepad and then run using the following

                    cscript buildqvw.vbs FileToBuild.qvw (Where FileToBuild.qvw is your Qlikview Application File)


                    ' Constants used for File Handling
                    const FIRST_ITEM=0
                    dim LAST_ITEM
                    dim args_index
                    dim no_reload_mode: no_reload_mode=false 'Default of false instantiates variable
                    dim QliviewApplication
                    dim command_line_args
                    set command_line_args = wscript.Arguments
                    'Check if any Arguments have been passed to our script.
                    if command_line_args.count > 0 then
                    LAST_ITEM = command_line_args.count - 1
                    for args_index = FIRST_ITEM to LAST_ITEM
                    select case (Mid(command_line_args(args_index), 1, 2))
                    case "/n"
                    'Do not reload data
                    no_reload_mode = true

                    case else
                    'assume the qvw file name passed.
                    QlikviewApplication = command_line_args(args_index)
                    end select
                    end if
                    If Len(Trim(QlikviewApplication)) = 0 Then

                    Dim StdOut
                    Set StdOut = WScript.StdOut

                    StdOut.WriteLine "Usage: buildqvw.vbs /n <Qlikview Document>" & vbCrLf
                    StdOut.WriteLine " /n - Do Not Reload data" & vbCrLf
                    StdOut.WriteLine " <qlikview document>" & vbCrLf & vbCrLf
                    WScript.Quit 'Bail out no .qvw file
                    End if
                    set Qv = CreateObject("QlikTech.QlikView")
                    Set QvDoc = Qv.OpenDoc (QlikviewApplication ,"","")
                    ' Force reload of the report data
                    If no_reload_mode = false Then
                    End IF

                    Hope the above helps


                    • Thumbnail images disappearing on AccessPoint

                      Has QlikTech weighed in on this?

                      As much as I appreciate Tony's script I'm not sure I want to go down that road for something that should have been fixed. We just purchased and installed several pieces for and Enterprise and just started seeing this problem. I'm a little concerned that a problem that has been out here for a year is still out here. My VAR is suppose to be looking into this.