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    set analysis no identifier

      I have a confusing question need help. My chart has year, month as dimension, also has category, sub category, vendor, item fields.

      What I am looking for is the chart ignores year, but takes month and all fields selection. after spending more than half hour, finally, I got the below expression works,




      I tried Sum({1-$<Year=>}SALES) but does not work.


      I feel the latter expression is more understandable. why doesn't it work? Thanks.

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          Stefan Wühl


          is equivalent to


          (with the exception when your are using the expression in an alternate state context, but this is probably not your setting)

          Why do you think, SUM({1-$<Year=>}SALES) is more understandable? What do you think this set expression describes?(as a side note, field names are case sensitive, so year and Year are different, but I think it's just a typo in your post)