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    Qlikview Server 8.5 on Vista 64 bit


      Hi, maybe it´s a simple issue..

      I was installed the QV Server 8.5 for some testing processes in a Vista 64 bit, (QV Developer 8.5 is installed in the same equipment) and I can´t initialize the QV Server´s Services.

      The error is: "Operation Failed: 2", also if I try to "Contact License Enabler Service" from Licence header, send the next message: "Unable to obtain License Information for your license key. Please contact QlikTech Support for assistance."

      What I doing wrong?

      Note: I already start the QV Server Installer as Administrator.. also reviewing in the forum for some issues related, verify the route specified in Local Machine (Regedit) for Qlikview in my equipment and... this don´t exist.

      I really apreciate if someone have an idea.

      Thanks in advance.

      Kind Regards from Gdl, Mex.